My name is Stephen Smith. I am a web developer with 5+ years of experience with html/css/php/js. If you are looking to get a website designed by someone who will design exactly to specifications, I can help you out!

I prefer to design wordpress themes, but if I can get hold of the documentation for your CMS, I am flexible and can design for other CMS systems as well. Assuming I can get regular feedback, designing takes 1-2 days.


Designing: I hand code website templates using 100% valid html and CSS. I don't abuse html tables to cheat my way to a working layout, I code it the right way using DIVs, classes, and css.

Hosting: Keeping computers online to serve websites costs money, but I can help you save by sharing my webspace. In addition to hosting, I will also help troubleshoot any issues you have with your site. Most websites hardly use any resources, so it doesn't make sense to spend more and get less.

Design Tweaks: Need something changed in your design? Whether it was made by me or not, I will help you change design elements, colors, fonts, spacing, and more for a low price.


Designing Fee $150/theme Hosting & Support $7/mo. Design Tweaks $10/tweak