This is the personal site of Stephen Smith – programmer, hacker, web developer, and Arch-wiki contributor. On my blog, you will find what I’ve been up to (usually involving setting up yet another web server or working on a personal project). Check out my GitHub to see some of the things I work on. 

I focus mainly on HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP, but I am always trying to learn more. My day-to-day activities include updating packages on my servers and trying out new frameworks like Angular (which is wonderful and you should use it). I am a Linux enthusiast and my pastimes include making weird network structures with my many dd-wrt routers and fixing my Arch install (If you ever find yourself with too much time on your hands, install Arch).

I also host and maintain websites for people. Until I get my other site running, here’s a monthly rate chart:

Static Website WordPress Website
Single Page $3/mo
Multi Page $8/mo $6/mo
Management (included) $12/mo

* I can buy and manage the DNS for your domain for $3/mo extra.

* The designing fee for a custom design is roughly $150.